The Orange Farm students had a motivational day when Puleng Sirengqe, a motivational speaker visited their centre and spoke about the importance of healthy diet.

He spoke about how people should be on the lookout for what they consume, as some foods may be a risk to their health. He told the students that keeping a healthy diet has a lot of positive impacts like staying energized, having a balanced metabolism, the brain functions well and it keeps your skin healthy.

“It is important to eat healthy so that you can reduce the risk of contracting diseases or sicknesses,” he said.

He further emphasised on the following:
• Important nutrients;
• The importance of keeping fit;
• The proper methods of preparing foods;
• Bad habits of eating;
• Food types;
• Best food to eat when you’re not exercising;
• The importance of a balanced diet.

The students took notes, engaged and had fun while learning