We are very happy that recently we have been able to launch a new Mobile Medical Clinic in Tembisa Township. Thanks to our partners Contribute and Philips, Rhiza Babuyile was able to open the 5th clinic of its kind, on the road.

For the community this is something entirely new. And for people to get accustomed to having the Mobile Clinic around, and to take the step to visit, we have started the outreach programme. The Mobile Clinic will be on the road in the township three times a week, and position in three different locations there. This way people get used to the idea and it will increase accessibility to care and consultation, plus it will help us determine which location will be the best position to drive to on a daily basis in the future. At night, or when not in use, the facility is parked on our office premises in Randburg.

The services of the Clinic are provided to mother and child first of all. The personnel consists of a nurse specialized in maternity care, an assistant and a receptionist who is also the driver. The staff helps the women patients with family planning, overall health check ups, ultrasound scans and swab tests. The Clinic has a crucial role in revealing cervical cancer so it can be treated in time. Children who come to the clinic will receive overall healthcare and checkups. We expect to be able to treat 7.500 patients annually.


Thanks to our partners Contribute and Philips for their contribution!