RB and CTGA continue to build stronger communities together!  

Rhiza Babuyile is proud to have been chosen by Wilde Ganzen as a Change the Game Academy (CTGA) National Partner. This means the RB is mandated to train other NGOs in Local Fundraising and Mobilising Support.

There are many non-profit organisations in our communities that are dependent on one funding source to do the work they do. In some cases, these non-profits are dependent on an international or national donor. The Local Fundraising training enables non-profits to raise funds locally and create legitimacy for the work they do.

CTGA aims to change the ‘rules’ of the development game: transferring power to communities and enabling them to shape their own future.

CTGA aims to end this dependency by supporting autonomous local organisations to strengthen their fundraising capacity.

We were recently trained  partners of Kinderfonds Mamas’  in Local Fundraising.

Children’s Fund Mamas is a Dutch organisation that supports the mamas of South Africa – strong and impressive women who stand up for children in severe poverty. These phenomenal women organise daily care, protection, food, affection and love for over 60 000 children in 57 wonderful organisations.