Rhiza Babuyile celebrated Julia Zwane’s success after graduating from Network Engineering with 10 distinctions out of 12 modules from Pearson Institute of Higher Education.

Julia is a former Rhiza Babuyile IT student who won the bursary competition in 20219 at a Mandela Day event organised by Rhiza Babuyile and our partner, Momentum Metropolitan Holdings (MMH) to study further at Pearson Institute. Julia wrote a touching motivational letter on why she would like to study further and why she is passionate about IT.

It was through Rhiza Babuyile, MMH, Pearson Institute and her dedication that Julia Zwane saw herself studying further and putting all the efforts to complete her Higher Certificate Course with bright colours. Rhiza Babuyile was there in a lunch celebration with Julia and closest people in her life to celebrate her success.

“I would like to thank Rhiza Babuyile, Momentum Metropolitan Holdings and Pearson Institute of Higher Education for this amazing opportunity as it has made a great impact in my career. The journey was not easy as I come from the township of Orange Farm and met young people from different backgrounds. I kept reminding myself why I was there and the importance of staying focused without comparing myself with others.

“I still don’t believe I am done considering the amount of work and time frame we had, as well as the pandemic and how things suddenly changed. About a year ago, I was excited to pursue my career and now I am looking forward to being in a working environment.

“This was a life changing experience as I have learnt a lot – to work under pressure, to meet deadlines, to be independent, to learn from different people, to work hard and to stay focused. When I saw that I got so many distinctions I was surprised at myself at how I did it, and I was over the moon at the same time.

“I am grateful and honoured to be part of the Rhiza Babuyile family, and I hope the door will remain open for those who are brave and ambitious enough to go after their dreams. I feel the need to personally thank everyone who was involved (i.e Rhiza Babuyile and its support system/ partners).

“I didn’t feel like a project between different organizations, I felt like a dreamer whose dreams truly mattered and believed. I had all the resources and the support I needed,” the young graduate said.