We had a conversation with Gina Msibi, one of the former learners who were part of the learnership programme. Gina joined us as a learner and climbed her career ladder through hard work to join the Momentum Metropolitan team. Let’s catch up with Gina to find how her journey has been…

1. Who is Gina and what does she love?

On a personal and professional level, I am an attentive person. I always want to do things the right way and do them as I should. I like serving purpose with every action I take; it could be adding value to my team or helping a colleague with information I have access to or to bring a better understanding for the benefit of the team. In short, I am a very selfless person.

I enjoy challenging myself with activities and tasks that make me a better person both professionally and personally. I also love music and movies for entertainment.

2. Tell us about your experience when you were in the learnership programme.

The learnership programme was an educational experience. The important lesson I learned was a basic understanding of operating a computer as my background lacked a huge part of that; it’s an everyday skill that I have learned to familiarise myself with, and because of the programme I am confident in my daily tasks or work when it comes to operating a computer or laptop.

The programme also exposed me to be around people and that’s where I got to learn social skills, something that I lacked prior to joining the programme, and the journey continues.

In the learnership programme I was also exposed to recruiting candidates that needed to be assisted with finding employment, different people from different backgrounds and with special needs. Being part of that process made me realise that I love helping people and I did it effortlessly as I related to challenges that our youth is faced with in our country.

3. How does it feel now to be part of the MMH team? 

Being part of Momentum Metropolitan has been a great learning experience for me personally. With less experience that I had prior to joining the CSI team, they have been supportive and very welcoming. I feel very blessed and privileged to be part of an organisation that cares about people and aims to improve people’s lives. I have been given an opportunity to upskill myself through short courses and I am currently in work readiness programme.

4. What does your work entail? 

I am responsible for data management and managing the CSI mailbox; responding to requests we receive. I am also responsible for payments e.g. processing invoices, file or store the invoices properly as per each team member’s portfolio being Consumer Financial Education, Socio-Economic Development, Staff Volunteerism and Monitoring, Evaluation and Compliance as well as the remittance advises/ proof of payments, ensuring as well that the supplier or vendor that we make payments to receive their payments in time as that is important for our reputation. It could have a negative business impact if this is not managed well. I am also supporting or assisting the team whenever they need me.

5. What would be your advice to a young person who has lost hope after trying to get into the work environment and is unsuccessful?  

The first thing I would say to them is never give up on yourself as an individual. I strongly believe everyone is meant to earn a living. That they still have time to find their feet and patience is a must as nothing happens overnight, everything will happen in due time. Also, once they get the opportunity the work still continues; it doesn’t stop once you have access to the working environment. For me my communication skills have been growing and it is still a continuous process, learning writing skills through a short course and through my daily engagements with the team or people from different departments, even external people.  I have to manage or maintain the relationships with the people I engage with both externally and internally.

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? 

I see myself growing with knowledge, growing in character, growing with my skills. I see myself being an asset to the team. I also see myself taking on more responsibilities or getting other opportunities within the organisation