A group of students from Leap Science and Maths School in Diepsloot paid our mobile clinic a visit with heart-warming messages to show their appreciation for the healthcare services provided.

In their well designed cards filled with messages, the students expressed how the RB clinic is making a difference in their community through excellent services and education on health issues.

The students read their messages that they have written for the healthcare staff and also gave them some goodies. The healthcare staff were pleased and proud with the generous gestures and thanked the students for coming.

“You offer us good quality services with your excellent equipment, you make sure we are well cared for and ensure that we are in the right hands. During the COVID-19 outbreak you still risked your life when people stayed at home to do tests, educate us on the virus and care for us. We are grateful for everything you do for our community as this is not an easy profession but you still put our safety first,” one student said.