In this month’s article, we have featured MicGalaw Pty Ltd is  co-founders,  Phumudzo Muthanyi and Mbali Mokgosi, the young women who are passionate about the cleanliness of the environment. We interviewed Phumu who was available.

 1. How has RB assisted you?

Rhiza Babuyile has really played a very huge role in helping our business to grow from an idea stage to a developing micro business. Our big break really came when we won a Pitching competition worth a prize money of  R12500 in 2018 during Global Entrepreneurship week. We were able to purchase our first heavy duty industrial sewing machine, equipment and materials.

We decided to enroll for a short course of  Fashion & Design offered at Rhiza Babuyile in 2019 , which helped us acquire basic skills of sewing and pattern making. We got the opportunity to work, designing and creating products. The second programme we attended was an entrepreneurial incubation programme ran by Discovery and Township Fleva which really assisted us to learn more about business operations, financials and all other business related trainings. By the end of the programme we were awarded a prize money – seed capital of R5000.00 for being The Best Business of the Year in 2020.

2. How has your business grown and what have been some of your greatest highlights?

MicGalaw Pty Ltd has grown to a great extent that we were published on two big media platforms such as Daily Sun newspaper, YOU Magazine, we are  proud suppliers of Rhema  Bible Church and  we are currently in communications with Distell Group for a project proposal  we have for their shrinks. We would like to grow our business from a micro-business to a small business, we looking to hire 20 more young designers from Orange Farm and Mogale city.

In just a period of 3 years we have collected over 30 000 different types of PE plastics, widely produced by different types of food, clothing and drink/Alcohol brands which are smothering the Township of Orange Farm. We managed to manufacture over 300 beautiful & artistic bags, sold them in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town within a period of 12months.

Hence we came up with the solution to help reduce the amount of plastic waste produced in Orange  Farm through hosting  annual Educational Eco Exhibition events and Clean Ups to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of our environment/upcycling. With so much great support from The Department of Environment, Fishery and Forestry, PIKITUP and Coca-Cola beverages our first major Exhibition event became a great success  in 2019.

   3. What are your future plans?

We would like to grow our business from a micro-business to a small business, we looking to hire 20 more young designers from Orange Farm and Mogale city. This will be achievable if Access to finding will be made easier to attain for young people who are passionate about Enterpreneurship and solving a particular problem in the Ecosystem.

   4. How has the COVID-19 crisis affected you and how did you deal with those challenges?

The pandemic hit us hard! It was difficult to survive, we lost all our opportunities for growth and developmental projects. But against all odds we survived, Discovery & Township Fleva helped a few entrepreneurs within the programme with data, food vouchers and entrepreneurial virtual master classes which really eased the stress levels a bit.

5. What would be the advice you would give a young person who wants to start his/her business but has doubts and fears?

Never stop believing in your dreams, I always wanted to start my own fashion brand that is Eco- friendly and today it’s happening through Perseverance and hard work! Rome was never built in one day