How did Rhiza Babuyile assist you?

Being part of RB has taught me that having a business doesn’t only mean you must have a registered business but must put in all the necessary work in making sure that you not only have a business but work hard in making it a success and sustain it.

It has taught me that compliance is everything for as small business and its importance in growing it. With all the necessary business training, we were able to learn that in business learning must be a norm and it enables our business to know our SWOT analysis and what to improve on.

Because of the pitching opportunities we were given, we have won one of the pitches and have once won a price with Discovery of being The Best Business Enabler. We were able to buy necessary equipment to help with the day to day running of the business with the money we won.

What skills have you acquired from attending the RB programme?

Writing a business proposal, sending a professional email, basics of business marketing, personal and business branding, financial basics and the importance of keeping the financial records of a business, business compliance and sustaining and growing the business.

How has your business grown?

When we started with the business incubation we were struggling as a business, but we learned that having a business isn’t just having a company registration. We started looking at different business opportunities and the skills we have. We then went out looking for business and with God’s grace as Zinhlero Enterprise we are offering different services under one roof and doing so well for a small business owned by a young black woman from the dusty streets of Orange Farm.

We are a construction, landscaping and gardening company. We will soon be offering catering services once we get our health certificate, but we currently cater for less than 50 people and we also hire out plates, cutlery, glasses and chef dishes.

We have bought land in KZN Msinga and we will soon be venturing into farming and running an NPO with two dedicated people. God blessed us with people who will have helped us grow and now we want to be a blessing to others and make a difference as Aganang Foundation.

What are your future plans?

To keep on improving our services and getting more skills and knowledge. Never stop learning. Embark on new opportunities and never take opportunities given for granted because some wish they can have them but they don’t. Grow the business and sustain it – just because now it is operating and doing well, it doesn’t end there.

Getting qualifications that will take me to higher places and that will open those big opportunities. To help people and be a blessing as I also got help to be where I am today. I have learnt that the business world is a lonely place more especially if you have no one to help you, we all need someone to help us succeed because no one makes it alone we all need a helping hand.

How has the COVID -19 crisis affected you and how did you deal with those challenges?

It affected us financially because for a few months we didn’t have monthly revenue, we only had to spend what we have and we were unable to grow the business as much because we didn’t make money. We couldn’t offer our services anymore due to COVID-19 and some businesses closed down.

We had the opportunity to learn more about our business as there were a lot of business webinars helping us get through this hard time. We got two certificates during lockdown and embarking on new opportunities.

We got to learn and do things we always wanted to do with all the time we had during the lockdown and now we are ripping the fruits.