Rashuping Morake
Rashuping Morake CEO
As our CEO Rush deals with the function of the organization.He makes sure that our projects are running effectively and that they improve on a daily basis. In his famous words he says “this his not his work, but rather his calling”.
Hilda Mogashoa
Hilda Mogashoa Manager ECD
As the leader of our ECD programme Hilda is always on the move. She trains local principles of Early Childhood Development Centres and has become an educational expert in her own right.
Masego Lebotse
Masego Lebotse Office Administrator
As our office administrator Masego is the glue between the different parts of our organisation. As a former IT student at Rhiza Babuyile Masego currently studies Project Management as part of our progressive plan regarding her development into a senior management position.
Lucy Kamau
Lucy KamauManager Fashion & Design
Fashionista, perfectionist and a creative mind is behind our fashion & design courses and our very own fashion label called Rhiza – Rooted in Africa. Lucy has a degree in fashion and in that regards anything she touches turns into gold.
Moses Kamau
Moses Kamau Manager Skills Development
Started as an IT guru, Moses now manages the entire skills development centres in Diepsloot and Orange Farm. Known for his continuous smile Moses ensures that the students gain as much knowledge and as many skills as possible in a limited timeframe.
Thandi Mgcina
Thandi Mgcina Manager Healthcare (Registered Nurse)
Sr. Thandi is the manager of the Mobile Clinic in Diepsloot, is a registered nurse and has a passion for community based healthcare.
Tidimalo Ngakane
Tidimalo NgakaneBoard member
As one of the founding members of Babuyile Community Development in 2005 Tidimalo is a big part of our organisation. Tidi currently works overseas after finishing her masters degree in Law in Boston in 2015.
Alef Meulenberg
Alef MeulenbergChairman
As the founder of Rhiza Babuyile, Alef is the face of the organisation. With the help of the team he develops the vision, leads the team and ensures the long-term sustainability of the organisation.
Babalo Xozwa
Babalo Xozwa Board member
Board member since 2013, entrepreneur, IT specialist and dad. Babalo wears many hats and is an invaluable part of our organisation through his experience, network, passions and personality.