We develop historically disadvantaged communities, in particular township communities through a holistic community development model that includes education, skills development, enterprise development and healthcare.

We see that the NGO sector is changing rapidly into a sector where NGOs have to work as social enterprises, where both the longevity of the organisation and its projects should be partially funded through income generated through the projects.

We at Rhiza Babuyile are pioneers as we’re already fully implementing this within our projects. Within this model the request for our efforts come from within the community, this prevents us from starting or running projects, without there being an actual need for such a project. The goal is to ensure sustainability of our project areas and in particular our beneficiaries. The biggest complement we can receive is when our beneficiaries tell us that they don’t need our services anymore.

We treat our beneficiaries as equals. We value their insight, concerns and comments and try to implement these within our projects to ensure effectively of our projects. This however also comes with responsibilities. Our beneficiaries are partly responsible for their own development, we provide them with a platform in which they can thrive, then the responsibility Is theirs to utilize the opportunities that are laid out for them.