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Gina Climbs Her Career Ladder


We had a conversation with Gina Msibi, one of the former learners who were part of the learnership programme. Gina joined us as a learner and climbed her career ladder through hard work to join the Momentum Metropolitan team. Let’s catch up with Gina to find how her journey has been… 1. Who is Gina and what does she love? On a personal and professional level, I am an attentive person. I always want to do things the right way and do them as I should. I like serving purpose with every action I take; [...]

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RB and CTGA continue to build stronger communities together!


RB and CTGA continue to build stronger communities together!   Rhiza Babuyile is proud to have been chosen by Wilde Ganzen as a Change the Game Academy (CTGA) National Partner. This means the RB is mandated to train other NGOs in Local Fundraising and Mobilising Support. There are many non-profit organisations in our communities that are dependent on one funding source to do the work they do. In some cases, these non-profits are dependent on an international or national donor. The Local Fundraising training enables non-profits to raise funds locally and create legitimacy for the work they do. CTGA aims to change [...]

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