Our educational programme is primarily focused on Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDs). The reason we choose ECDs is because the education within township based ECDs is highly informal, which effectively means that children in townships often only receive formal education from age seven. As soon as they enter primary school they are behind in their development.

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Our healthcare programme is focused on primary community based healthcare with special emphasis on Mother & Child, Dental, TB, HIV/AIDS and community healthcare workers depending on the project area.

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Skills Development

Our Skills development programme is focused on unemployed youth. Youth are in this case historically disadvantaged individuals between 18-35 years old.

We focus on skills development for youth because of the extremely high unemployment rates in township communities. Youth often don’t have access to tertiary education institutions and are sitting at home without work.

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Enterprise Development

Our enterprise and supplier development strategy is focused around the promotion of entrepreneurship in the township. Unemployment is a massive problem in our townships and although we aim to get youth into jobs, the reality is that there are not enough jobs out there for everyone. We aim to create income for our beneficiaries by promoting entrepreneurship.

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