Our educational programme is primarily focused on Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDs). The reason we choose ECDs is because the education within township based ECDs is highly informal, which effectively means that children in townships often only receive formal education from age seven. As soon as they enter primary school they are behind in their development.

Our solution for this problem is the adoption of township based preschools. The process of adopting a school starts with a period of training. Our educational manager trains the principal and teachers of the school for a period of 3-6 months. Within this time we implement an accredited preschool curriculum and start rebuilding the facilities of the school in such a way, that the facilities are compliant with legislation from the Department of Social Development. After two years the school must be able to receive a grant from the department and therefore function independent of our support.

When it comes to education we currently have the following projects:

  1. Malesa Preschool in Diepsloot.
  2. Rivoningo Preschool in Finetown.
  3. Sinekhaya Preschool in Diepsloot.
  4. Sweet Combo Preschool in Diepsloot.
  5. Nomzamo Preschool in Alexandra.
  6. Twinkle Little Star Preschool in Fisantekraal.
  7. Angel Academy Preschool in Diepsloot.
  8. Letlhadi Preschool in Ivory Park.
  9. Christian Day Care in Soshanguve.
Photo: Angel Academy preschool in Diepsloot after it was refurbished.

Photo: Angel Academy preschool in Diepsloot after it was refurbished.