Healthcare is the backbone of the community.

Rhiza Babuyile introduced anti natal healthcare services to the community of Diepsloot in March 2018, this helps mothers in the community to have an easier way to make regular check-ups.

We strongly believe that regular prenatal care throughout your pregnancy helps to catch potential concerns early and reduces the risk of pregnancy and birth complications.

Positive feedback is received from the community, and that is why is known as far as Soweto and surrounding areas.

Partnership with Toga laboratory and Philips has contributed to our quality care by reliable lab services and provision of state of the art equipment respectively. Our health service is based on National Health Core standards to ensure provision of quality care with emphasis on community participation and involvement.

Our Services

Maternal Services

  • Ante-natal care – R250.00 for first visits and R150.00 for follow ups.
  • Postnatal care – women coming for postnatal services do not pay, children pay R50.00 for the consultation and immunisation.
  • Antiretroviral treatment – R200.00 for consultation and medication.
  • HIV testing services – free

Family planning services are provided, each patient is charged R150.00 (this include consultation)  B/P, weight measurement and HCT with detailed previous obstetric history to assist and to prescribe the best contraceptive method for the patient. Education is key in treating patients.

Pregnancy test and examination are done by trained professional nurses on site, to reduce unnecessary anxiety to our patients.

We take the following bloods for antenatal care: RPR, HB, RH; then for those that have tested positive for HIV we collect bloods for CD4 count, creatinine, VL. All women that are starting ART, thefollowing bloods are taken RPR, HB, CD4 count and creatinine. Then VL, creatinine are collected every 6 months then annually for monitoring purposes.

HB – R21.00

Blood grouping – R84.00

RPR –  R40.00

Viral load – R450.00

CD4  count – R126.00

Pap smear – R230.00 (including consultation)

HCT done on site

Full blood count – R116.00

“I have been visiting the Mobile Clinic since I was one month pregnant. My son is now 9 months old. I am happy with the service I receive because the staff is patient with us and the service is very fast. I don’t mind paying because I just take money from my child’s support grant. What I also love is that it is affordable, value for your money and I just walk to the clinic.”
Mapula Makgoba