Our strategy is best visualised by our Rhiza Babuyile Cycle which exists of four elements, being develop, produce, reinvest and trade. Our initial involvement in each project area is purely focused on the development of this particular community. We develop the community by implementing educational and healthcare related projects. These projects are an answer to direct needs within the community. When our beneficiaries have access to quality education and healthcare we aim to give them access to the economy through production or employment.

Crucial aspects of production are relevant training and enterprise & supplier development (ESD). Within 12 months after the initiation of the production our beneficiaries within our ESD will start trading. This should directly lead to a solid income for our beneficiaries, which makes them self-sustaining. The last part of our cycle is the part that makes it sustainable.

The beneficiaries through their businesses or jobs now have a solid income and can pay for services as healthcare, training and education. This is how they then reinvest in their own community.