Margrette Malebye

Margrette Malebye

Margrette Malebye, a mother of four who resides in Diepsloot extension 12, is passionate about anything related to agriculture.

She applied to participate in the programme in 2020 after seeing a Facebook post that she interest in. In 2022, she is learning more about crop farming after first focusing on chicken farming. Although she believed that agriculture was a field for males, this did not stop her from participating in the programme.

She enjoys discovering how to prepare the soil, the fundamentals of farming, weeding, and the variety of crops to plant at various times of the year.

She says the programme has inspired her to become a specialist farmer in herbs and vegetables and to take this as a long-term profession and establishing her own business, even though she just owns a little plot of land that she is preparing for when she is ready to plant.

Agriculture is not a straightforward industry, according to Margrette. You’ll have to work hard, but you’ll reap what you sow.

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