We all want to know how we can do more. Here’s how:
At Rhiza Babuyile, we offer local and international donors, volunteers and partners a choice to invest in the change of tomorrow; to invest in a transformation spanning multiple divisions of possibility and potential. By donating and partnering on any of our 5 Roots of Return, you and your business become a valued member of our family along our journey of socio-economic empowerment, offering advantage where it did not previously exist.
Rhiza Babuyile is a non-profit organization dedicated to the communities in which we work. We need your help to keep doing what we’re doing, so we’ve partnered with you, our loyal supporter.
We are a beacon of hope for many members of the communities in which we are stationed, and it is critical that we continue to carry out our mission. We want to make sure that the individual has the skills and resources they need to achieve self-sufficiency and economic independence.
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