Developing Lives is in our DNA.

We develop township communities in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Welkom through a unique model that leads to self-sustainability and economical independence of our beneficiaries


Our mandate as a non-profit organsiation is to ensure self-sustainability and economic independence of our township communities and beneficiaries. We aim to achieve this through our Rhiza Babuyile Cycle.

This cycle indicates that we first develop disadvantaged communities through access to quality education and healthcare. The second step is for local (unemployed) youth to get trained as entrepreneurs and start producing. This production directly leads to Trading and a solid income. Through this income our beneficiaries are now able to pay for services such as education and healthcare. By paying for such services our beneficiaries reinvest in their community.

This model leads to self-sustainability of our beneficiaries within 5-10 years after implementation of our developmental projects.




Rhiza Babuyile was founded in 2005 under the name Babuyile Community Development. We develop township communities through holistic community development which includes programmes related to healthcare, skills development, enterprise development and education.

  • Healthcare – our programme is focused on primary community based healthcare with special emphasis on Mother & Child, Dental, TB, HIV/AIDS and community healthcare workers depending on the project area.

  • Skills Development – our programme is focused on unemployed youth.

  • Enterprise Development – our programme is focused around the promotion of entrepreneurship in the township.

  • Education – our programme is primarily focused on Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDs).


Give communities the tools to eradicate poverty

It is our mission to educate and train people within historically disadvantaged communities and ultimately give them access to the economy. People from disadvantaged township communities must be able to overcome poverty no matter their race or gender. In order to do so we focus on training for youth, education for young children and access to primary healthcare for the community.

Sustainable Township Communities

Our vision is that through uplifting township communities and eradicating poverty, people can become self-sustaining and communities can truly be economically independent. Our projects have and emphasis on youth and young children.

  • In developing historically disadvantaged communities, in particular township communities through a holistic community development model that includes education, skills development, enterprise development and healthcare.
  • In being pioneers as we’re already fully implementing this within our projects. Within this model, the request for our efforts come from within the community, this prevents us from starting or running projects, without therebeing an actual need for such a project. The goal is to ensure sustainability of our project areas and in particular our beneficiaries. The biggest complement we can receive is when our beneficiaries tell us that they don’t need our services anymore.
  • In treating our beneficiaries as equals. We value their insight, concerns and comments and try to implement these within our projects to ensure excellence of our projects. This however also comes with responsibilities. Our beneficiaries are partly responsible for their own development, we provide them with a platform in which they can thrive, then the responsibility is theirs to utilize the opportunities that are laid out for them.
  • That nothing is for “mahala” (for free). Rhiza Babuyile is not a charity. Weare not about giving a handout and don’t believe in giving people a fish but rather to teach them how to catch the fish in order to be independent and work for themselves. Our goal is for our communities to become sustainable within 5-10 years.
  • In serving our communities with love and passion. Our love for people has moved us from working for corporate companies to working for a non-profit organisation that is determined to uplift communities.
  • That NGOs must work more and more as social enterprises, where both the longevity of the organisation and its projects should be partially funded through income generated through the projects.
  • Excellence –our organisation workstirelessly to offer outstanding services of good quality. We believe in being the best in what we do and ensure that we work hard to produce greatness in our communities.
  • Innovative –our work is original andhas proven to be unique. We are an organisation of team members who are ready to introduce new ideas and thinking out of the box to do more in our township communities.
  • Trustworthy in everything we do,we do it with honesty to build long lasting and strong relationships with our stakeholders. We have communities relying on us and we ensure that we are consistent.
  • Ambitious –in what we do we aredetermined to succeed. Our love and passion for developing our communities is pushing us to satisfy high aspirations and to achieve that which we put our mind in.
  • Transparent– our work is easily seenby the organisations we serve and the communities at large. We grow with them from the foundation stage until they are independent.
  • Confident – as an organisation weare confident in our work and we are sure that what we put our mind into will surely happen. We are confident that our mission will be accomplished.
  • Passionate –we are passionate withpeople and seeing them doing great things for themselves and communities. This is the reason we put 100% of ourselves in everything we do. We are committed to seeing developments in our communities.




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