Thabang Nyoni: The Student has become the Teacher

Thabang: The Student has Become the Teacher


Thabang Nyoni (24) was born and raised in Orange Farm, Gauteng as the oldest son  with 3 younger sisters. He studied IT Level 3 and 4 with Rhiza Babuyile in 2021 and is now a facilitator at Rhiza Babyile’s Digital Hub in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, teaching IT Level 3 to 5.

Growing up things were tough at home but Thabang persisted because he believed that he would have a more promising future. He started working for a local Foreman for 3 years while completing a work readiness course at Afrika Tikkun’s Arekopaneng Centre. A friend informed Thabang about Rhiza Babuyile IT Course, to which he took interest in.

Since joining the organization Thabang’s interest and knowledge of the Information Technology field has expanded. Having acquired proficiency in a range of skills, he is now capable of providing assistance with various matters, including but not limited to Microsoft Office Suite, laptop functionality, connectivity issues, and more.

Thabang continues to grow himself both professionally and personally. In the future, he hopes to open his own business and continue to live in Middelburg as he sees himself playing a major role in the growth of young people in the region.

Thabang’s story exemplifies that there are endless possibilities with persistence!

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