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Rhiza Babuyile and partners reach out to communities during lockdown.


Rhiza Babuyile together with its partners contributed towards a cause that reached out to multiple township communities. Together with our partners, we provided much needed food relief to people in dire situations, targeting Orange Farm, Diepsloot and Tembisa. This followed news after the COVID-19 outbreak that led to financial stress in many homes. The South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa announced a nation-wide lockdown, which is an emergency protocol that requires South African to stay at home except for essential purposes. Some small businesses could not operate as usual and other people couldn't work as normal, this drove different organisations to act  with agility.  [...]

Rhiza Babuyile and partners reach out to communities during lockdown.2020-04-29T12:57:50+00:00

RB and CTGA continue to build stronger communities together!


RB and CTGA continue to build stronger communities together!   Rhiza Babuyile is proud to have been chosen by Wilde Ganzen as a Change the Game Academy (CTGA) National Partner. This means the RB is mandated to train other NGOs in Local Fundraising and Mobilising Support. There are many non-profit organisations in our communities that are dependent on one funding source to do the work they do. In some cases, these non-profits are dependent on an international or national donor. The Local Fundraising training enables non-profits to raise funds locally and create legitimacy for the work they do. CTGA aims to change [...]

RB and CTGA continue to build stronger communities together!2020-03-24T13:35:50+00:00

Mini – Community Life Centre for Orange Farm Community!


Philips South Africa Commercial (Pty) Limited, in collaboration with Rhiza Babuyile  is strengthening community and primary health by extending an existing mobile health clinic into a Mini-Community Life Centre (CLC) in Orange Farm, Gauteng. The Mini-CLC is a holistic community-driven facility that is designed to provide access to quality primary health services where it is needed the most. The collaborative commitment to improving the health outcomes for residents in the area started with the introduction of a mobile clinic in March 2018, with the aim to relieve pressure from government clinic.  Through the mobile clinic, and now the Mini-CLC, the residents of Orange Farm are [...]

Mini – Community Life Centre for Orange Farm Community!2020-03-16T08:00:43+00:00

Rhiza Babuyile and partners launch a preschool for Ivory Park Community


Rhiza Babuyile together with its partners, Neopak and Contribute Foundation launched the Ebuhleni Preschool for the community of Tembisa on the 3rdof April 2019. The state of the art preschool is aimed at preparing township children for primary school and transferring quality education to the children for their developments.  Rhiza Babuyile as a non-profit organization that prides itself in developing townships through holistic community development which includes programmes related to healthcare, skills development, enterprise development and education is proud of this move. The organisation joined forces together with Contribute Foundation and Neopak to build a better and welcoming home for the [...]

Rhiza Babuyile and partners launch a preschool for Ivory Park Community2019-04-11T11:44:17+00:00

Heart of the Nation challenge


The community of Diepsloot accepted the Heart of the Nation challenge and came to cycle for a good course. The campaign was to make people aware of heart diseases and educate them on the diet and exercises needed for a healthy heart. About 300 people had a chance to cycle against each other for 10 minutes. The day was worth the sweat as people learned a lot about heart diseases. Congratulations to Refilwe Mokomane who won herself an airfryer, courtesy of Philips. Thanks to our partners for making this possible, and to Sloot FM for helping us reach out to the [...]

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Medical Clinic on the road, in Tembisa, Gauteng


We are very happy that recently we have been able to launch a new Mobile Medical Clinic in Tembisa Township. Thanks to our partners Contribute and Philips, Rhiza Babuyile was able to open the 5th clinic of its kind, on the road. For the community this is something entirely new. And for people to get accustomed to having the Mobile Clinic around, and to take the step to visit, we have started the outreach programme. The Mobile Clinic will be on the road in the township three times a week, and position in three different locations there. This way people get [...]

Medical Clinic on the road, in Tembisa, Gauteng2018-09-06T11:53:18+00:00

Orange Farm Mobile Clinic Launch


We are proud to have launched our newest mobile clinic in the community of Orange Farm on international women's day, 8 March 2018. Mothers, this is a good story to tell as you will have peace of mind knowing there is a clinic on wheels to serve you and your little ones. The clinic is expected to bridge the gap by supplying 1500 patients with access to maternal-child healthcare, dental care, TB and HIV/AIDS healthcare per month. “The Orange Farm mobile clinic is the fifth collaborative project between Philips and Rhiza Babuyile,” says Rhiza Babuyile Chairman, Alef Meulenberg. We wouldn't have [...]

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IT students in Diepsloot Skills Development Centre who started class recently.


We caught up with the IT students in Diepsloot Skills Development Centre who started class recently. The students who expressed their love for computers shared their experiences with us. Prisella Chewe said she joined IT class to advance her computer skills. She added that as technology develops one needs to move with the times and an IT course has a lot of opportunities. Some students spoke about how coming to Rhiza Babuyile has given them a reason to wake up and kick start their career

IT students in Diepsloot Skills Development Centre who started class recently.2018-03-11T08:50:32+00:00

Education is key for our commuters


A mother who wanted to get more information on how to clean her child's little mouth visited the Mobile Clinic. Our dental health nurse was happy to educate her and said: "Start cleaning your child's mouth even before her teeth come in. Wipe the gums off after feeding the child with a warm, wet washcloth wrapped around your finger." She emphasised the importance of dental hygiene to the mother

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Deloitte and Orange Corner session with entrepreneur


Deloitte and Orange Corner session with entrepreneur Today was all about entrepreneurs getting mentorship from mentors. Babalo Xozwa of Rhiza Babuyile who is also an entrepreneur and one of the mentors said the sessions are about giving support and business solutions to entrepreneurs. "We have one-on-one business sessions where entrepreneurs come to us with challenges they face daily and offer them different solutions to help them with their businesses. "Each session takes an hour long, then we'll have a group discussion with all entrepreneurs. "The business sessions are all about the entrepreneur, they are the ones driving the boat. My role [...]

Deloitte and Orange Corner session with entrepreneur2018-03-05T11:51:16+00:00