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Motivational Day


The Orange Farm students had a motivational day when Puleng Sirengqe, a motivational speaker visited their centre and spoke about the importance of healthy diet. He spoke about how people should be on the lookout for what they consume, as some foods may be a risk to their health. He told the students that keeping a healthy diet has a lot of positive impacts like staying energized, having a balanced metabolism, the brain functions well and it keeps your skin healthy. “It is important to eat healthy so that you can reduce the risk of contracting diseases or sicknesses,” he said. [...]

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Clinic and Business Hub Launched in Hani Park, Welkom


Rhiza Babuyile together with its partners launched a clinic and business hub for the community of Hani Park in Welkom. Hope has indeed sprung as the community people will have access to healthcare and future entrepreneurs will enjoy doing business in their new office spaces.

Clinic and Business Hub Launched in Hani Park, Welkom2017-10-23T07:27:44+00:00

Rhiza Babuyile and Orange Corners supporting entrepreneurship


Rhiza Babuyile and Orange Corners support entrepreneurship. The teams yesterday went to the streets of Diepsloot to spread the work about Orange Corners's entrepreneurship programme where entrepreneurs will be trained through various activities in 2018. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to start applying today by visiting:

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Orange Corners lives for Entrepreneurs


" Orange Corners lives for Entrepreneurs: the disruptors, the fighters, those on the verge of making their breakthrough. Facilitated with the tools and support to leverage their success, Orange Corners helps them make their mark on South Africa! Orange Corners caters for every aspect of your start-up success: from state of the art facilities to mentorship programs. Are you ready to join a breakthrough start-up incubation programme? Apply now -"

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Prime Minister Geert Albert Bourgeois visits Mobile Clinic


Today the Prime Minister of Flanders, Geert Albert Bourgeois, visited the Mobile Clinic in Diepsloot, accompanied by a delegation on trade mission in South Africa. We are very proud and honoured by this special visit. Pictured is Mr Bourgeoius with Alef. Alef, Rush and other personnel informed the visitors about the care and advice the clinic offers, as well as its aims.

Prime Minister Geert Albert Bourgeois visits Mobile Clinic2017-09-26T06:36:57+00:00