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Project Description

Programme Description

Our enterprise and supplier development strategy is focused around the promotion of entrepreneurship in the township.Unemployment is a massive problem in our townships and although we aim to get youth into jobs, the reality is that there are not enough jobs out there for everyone. We aim to create income for our beneficiaries by promoting entrepreneurship. We do this by starting business hubs in township communities, these business hub have an incubator and open workspaces. Through the incubator we help unemployed people from the townships to start their own business and the open workspaces provide office space for township entrepreneurs. Our first business hub was launched on the 13th of November 2015 and is called the JOZi Business Hub.The JOZi Business Hub is your procurement partner, recruitment agency and above all THE small business incubator and open workspaces platform in Diepsloot. To find out more click here

Enterprise and Supplier Development 2017

  1. In 2017 we will open our next business hub in Orange Farm. The hub will include an incubator, open workspaces platform and a township based call centre.
  2. We will launch our own Fashion Label with stores in South Africa and the Netherlands.
  3. We start our own procurement agency to promote the incubated businesses among corporates