On the way to building companies, we are creating businesses for purpose.

Unemployment rates are at an all-time high. We extend our services to empowering entrepreneurs. We offer them several services, such as assistance with incubation, developing a business plan, access to finance, office spaces, coaching from large corporations, masterclasses and access to networks in order to increase their turnover and profits. We work hard to provide open and safe workspaces for entrepreneurs, such as our Jozi Business Hub

Our Enterprise Development Programme

Rhiza Babuyile has a commitment to increase the numbers of entrepreneurs who are young and have a mark to make in their communities, as leaders and as business owners. We do this through our incubation programmes.

The aim is to develop businesses and enterprises built for longevity. We aim to develop youth entrepreneurs who can become suppliers to some of our most notable corporate partners such as the Industrial Development Cooperation (IDC), Absa, Experian, Discovery and Woolworths.

Our Impact Entrepreneurship Programme

We develop a person for the business and the business for the community.

Our programmes work with a key matrix of functions making it effective and transformational. We walk the path from conception to fulfilment with the entrepreneur.

· Incubation
To nurture the idea from a seed into a harvest takes a deep dive with the individual. In this process they go from a community member to a community-builder by developing a mind-set and nurturing an idea into a business execution.

· Developing business plans
This stage formulates a working document that states the business goal, objectives, strategies, competitors and market analysis. This shows a deep understanding and grasp of the environment that the entrepreneur will be infiltrating to make impact and profit.

· Access to finance
Managing money and accessing it becomes a bottleneck for township and small businesses. We offer the right channels and means to access SMME funding, understanding funding models and how to use money effectively for their business needs.

· Office spaces
The mark of stabilisation is having an operational base for the business and a place to be found by their clients and customers.

· Coaching from large corporations
Understanding operations at a macro level allows the entrepreneur to see efficiency and scaling up-close.

· Masterclasses
Intricate knowledge is shared in groups of like-minded individuals. The best method of learning is from mentors in all industries. We offer our entrepreneurs access to this wealth of knowledge.

· Access to networks
Networks are important for relationship building. Networks become the underlying support structure for a small business enterprise.

Our mission for impact entrepreneurs

We are emboldened to provide individuals in townships with entrepreneurship skills to navigate the markets they wish to infiltrate. By building the skills portfolio of an individual, they are able to harness their raw talent. This talent and insight will sustain an idea into a functional, operational service or goods provider.


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