Education is our legacy.

Rhiza Babuyile’s response to the challenge of quality early childhood education is with valuable training of practitioners and the upgrading of township-based schools.

Rhiza Babuyile is committed to our communities. We are devoted to empowering and enabling the people and communities of South Africa. The rejuvenated and excelling individual life is catapulted by key factors: education and emotional skills. We provide these nurturing components with our training facilities and early childhood development centres.

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Early Education Programmes

With a lack of ECD training providers for principals and teachers in Early Childhood Development, children are not properly educated during their important development years within informal settlement areas. Our educational programmes adopt township-based preschools to ensure school staff are adequately trained and equipped to teach the future leaders of our country.

Our Education Programmes

Our programmes looks at the five domains of developmental achievement.

Quality early childhood education provides persistent, life-long benefits to the child and society long after they have left pre-school.

These domains ensure the foundational milestones for school-going age are met:
1. Gross Motor Development
2. Fine Motor Coordination
3. Visual Motor Integration
4. Early Numeracy and Mathematics
5. Emergent Literacy Language, Cognition and Executive Function

Our programmes in the ECD Levels 4 and 5 further these milestones.

1. ECD Level 4
This a 12 month full qualification accredited ETDP SETA, and is equivalent to matric certification. It has 6 modules that are divided by 22 unit standards.

2. ECD Level 5
This is a full higher qualification accredited by SETA.

We nurture a programme tailored to the ages of birth to five. The benefits we see in the children are endless and have lasting effects on IQ and improvements in academic and economic achievement. The programme also helps prevent the probability of chronic disease and obesity in adulthood.

Developing ECD Centres

Areas where we are making our mark.

Registration of a centre is both costly and a long process which leaves centres in under-privileged and low-income areas under-resourced. Unfortunately, the children of these areas get left behind.

We have developed centres in areas we believe in the expansion of, namely; Diepsloot, Orange Farm, Cosmo City, Braamfisher, Alexander and Tembisa.

Our current adopted schools are:
· Malesa Preschool, Diepsloot
· Rivoningo Preschool, Finetown
· Sinekhaya Preschool, Diepsloot
· Sweet Combo Preschool, Diepsloot
· Nomzamo Preschool, Alexandra
· Twinkle Little Star Preschool, Fisantekraal
· Angel Academy Preschool, Diepsloot
· Letlhadi Preschool, Ivory Park
· Christian Day Care, Soshanguve

Our experience shows that after two years, these schools are able to receive a grant from Government Departments and function independently of our support.


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